He says I can lean on him
Which compels me to cling to him
Smother him
Suffocate us both with the silent smoke
This arsonist so delicately contrived
See his tender eyes emblazed with fear
As he realizes the true villain in me
And into the smoke we’ll disappear
Clutching each other in hostility
Exactly what I endeavored to see
Because I was not worth
How much he loved me

Yoga Wisdom – Vulnerability

“People sometimes think I’m kidding or exaggerating when I say that backbends can trigger strong emotions. But I’m totally serious. It’s not uncommon for backbending to break people’s ego (in a good way). I’ve seen people’s emotional armor peel away to reveal their vulnerability after a deep backbend. I’ve personally cried, screamed, panicked, nearly fainted, gotten angry and more either during a backbend or short after… Backbending can be like a descent into the underworld of emotions that hide down in the darkness of the inner body. Don’t fight tightness, drop the fighting attitude, close your eyes and surrender.”

– Kino MacGregor

Yoga Wisdom – Freedom

“What does freedom mean to you? One of the goals of the spiritual path of yoga is freedom from suffering caused by past conditioning, samskaras that block our ability to see, think and act in the present moment. Maybe freedom only exists when you are truly ready to let everything go, surrender your will and watch the ego die, and let faith be your inner guide.”

– Kino MacGregor

Yoga Wisdom – Truth

“There is a truth in each of us that is so deep and powerful that it’s almost scary in it’s greatness. But that truth is who you really are. The whole purpose of yoga is to get you comfortable enough to accept the grand nature of your inner being. Divinity tests in everyone, be strong enough to discover it within yourself. Be free to be who you really are, who you have always been, who you know yourself to be when you look deeply, purely and authentically at yourself.”

– Kino MacGregor, @kinoyoga